Many students in college have so many but remain utterly blind to them.

I can see these missed opportunities since I’m in a different position. I don’t live an campus like many of the students I know, I end up killing myself running for buses four times a day. I don’t have a leisurely twenty minute stroll to my accomodation. I cannot understand why some students fail to attend college and join societies.

As most of the societies activities are after college, it’s impossible for me to get into and out of college because of transportation issues. It’s not as simple as just to ask my parents as they’d have to wait for the activity to finish and that’s not fair on them. Learning to drive and go to these activities isn’t an option at the moment, I have to pay for lessons and insurance and during these economic times I doubt I’ll get to do it very soon. If I lived on campus, I know it would very tempting to just skip college and stay in bed all day but I’d join the Anime and Manga Soc, Journalism Soc, Writers’ Soc and Debating Soc. It’s when I see my fellow students hanging around and doing nothing irritates me.

There’s only twelve hours a week in the first year of New Media and English but even then students on campus fail to even attend this ‘stressful’ amount of hours. Perhaps I’m a wired a slightly different way to most of my peers, I make sure to get the required work of reading poems and plays finished  rather than trying to shove it into my brain the final week before exams. I’m a great believer in being punctual and even if the material is uninspiring or if I genuinely dislike it, I try to invest effort paying attention.

Today we had an essay for Augustan Literature and an assignment for Sociology due. It was required that we hand in our Augustan essay for the lecture at ten but at the start of the lecture the sheer volume of people handing in their essays was phenomenal. Normally in a lecture you can recognise most of the faces but people I had never seen before in my entire life were handing up essays. Even worse is the fact that these ‘new’ students had the audacity to leave the lecture hall after handing up their work before the lecture began.  

Having an attitude like this in college does not work in the favour of banning the reintroduction of third-level fees.

Opportunities are missed, lost and ignored.



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