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Worst 24 Hours

I’ve had the worst twenty four hours of my life from 7.00 p.m. Wednesday 24th to the following day. Though they won’t be the last I’ll have before my flame is eventually snuffed out.

This year is my third or fourth year in being involved with the summer camp.  I’m a senior leader that is in charge of the buses and making sure that kids get to the right place as well as being a co-ordinator for the under ten’s group. That means not only do I have to look after children but I also gotta keep an eye on the junior leaders to make sure they are doing their job and not disappearing from an activity. Today is the end of the second week and I’m grateful that there’s only one more week left before I plan to retire permanently from the camp.

I’ve been having problems with a couple of the leaders either with completely disregarding me when I asked them to wear their seatbelt on several occasions and the other person commands very little respect from the campers and they easily bully this particular leader. Now, the first person for the event that happened on the Wednesday evening is a bit excessive but for the second leader, I would be more likely to suspect since I’ve had to reprimand them several times. The children in the group are not counted as I would only give out to them if they were doing something wrong and they would not be as creatively vindictive.

Wednesday evening after getting home, I ate my dinner with the usual gusto but afterwards decided I would eat some toffee I had in my camp rucksack all day. Couldn’t find any sweets floating around in my bag so I emptied everything onto the bed. Somebody had searched through my bag and eaten every sweet leaving only the large empty bag. Annoyed but not upset, as a similar incident had happened the previous year I was a leader.

My brother and I chatted about our day for a while even though I still had everything upended onto the bed. His sharp eyes caught onto my bottle of water that I had taken that day. I explained that I didn’t drink it since I bought a Sprite at the shop but I would take it tomorrow for the camp. Picking up the bottle, he held it to the light and said there was something wrong. The bottle contained a murky liquid which turned out to be toilet water as it had floating paper debris and the choking scent of bleach.

I would have taken the water with me on Thursday.

I would have drank some without looking at the bottle.

I would have had to get my stomach pumped due to the industrial bleach and chemicals.

Needless to say, I was quite upset and I rang one of the camp managers to tell them what had happened. The following morning, I was a bundle of nerves and I unconsciously spent an hour letting the entire incident spin around in my head. At noon, I left the house and the post had come and delivered a package I received from Celeste which considerably lifted my spirits.


I catch the bus before it heads to the first pick-up spot but instead of the usual 52-seater and 27-seater coaches, I ended up with three smaller buses and had to work out the best way for all children and leaders from each stop to be together on each of the buses. It was stress I really didn’t need.

I met the leader above me and the two managers to discuss the incident during the first activity. All of the leaders in my group were individually pulled in for questioning over the course of the day but as I expected, nobody knows anything.

I’m fed up with the camp and I was considering of packing it all up, with or without my wages but I’ll stick it out. It means I’m spending a chunk of money each day on buying crap food from the shop, so I know it hasn’t been tampered with. My initial enthusiasm for the camp has dwindled, I used to kill myself with exhaustion everyday but now I plan to be less athletic. I’ll never do the camp again especially when there’s psychopathic poisoning punks.

Feck ’em, I want my free BBQ next week and that’s what’s keeping me going at the moment.

June Activities

So far my holidays have started to pick up momentum compared to my intial sense of boredom. I’ve woefully negelected Klaraflame for nearly two months and I’ve neglected this blog too but not to the same degree. One of the reasons for this treatment is due to the fact that I’ve finally started up a website called Motivated Notes which is  free online resource for Leaving Cert notes, but let’s go back to other activities.

During the first week of June I started a week-long internship with Life and Fitness Magazine with Derry O’Donnell. Tommy and I were both interns for this week and on the Thursday we did a presentation about blogging for business with owners of the local businesses.  In the second week on June, Alexia had a spare ticket for the Tuesday night showing of The Last Days of a Reluctant Tyrant at the Abbey Theatre. I had never been to the Abbey even thought I wrote an essay about its history and did a presentation about it. The play was fantastic and I’m not ashamed to say that I had two big red eyes from crying but more to come about that soon.

Today being another Tuesday, I’m going to France for two days, Nantes to be precise. A former French teacher from my secondary school was looking for someone to bring her daughter over to France then come back to Ireland and two weeks later do the same again. I had my intership but I offered to do the second trip if that was any good and so I’m going to France today. 😀 I’m mainly excited since I’ve never been to France before even though it’s literally a pit-stop before coming home, I’m not complaining though, my flights are paid for and I’m staying with the family. Leaving Shannon this afternoon and I’ll be back on Thursday morning at 10.10. 🙂 I’m not bringing my laptop since it won’t be worth the hassle so I’ll be disconnected from the net. I haven’t travelled outside the country for a couple of years so I can only imagine the hassle of checking in online and only to have liquids in a plastic bag.

It’s 8.45, I think I better haul ass outta bed and get some breakfast and start packing my rucksack since I’m getting picked up at 1.00. 🙂


Now we all love chocolate goodness except for a select few who’ve decided to forgo the ultimate in sweetness.

As I mentioned a while back on twitter, Cadbury’s promoted the Dairy Milk bar in UL. I did take some pictures but they turned out exceptionally atrocious as I forgot how to use the zoom function on my phone.

Anyway, there was  music blaring out from  the student courtyard and when I passed by to head to the shop, there was a circle of students, some with big crazy purple eyebrows and beards trying to see who could make the biggest facial expression to win the round. Eventually break dancers busted out their crazy moves in purple hoodie’s.

In the queue to buy my cheese and chicken roll looking at the treats, my hand wavered over a Dairy Milk bar and I thought “Do I really want this…? Awh screw it, I prefer Twirl’s.” I don’t really like how the Dairy Milk bar kinda pools like molasses, a fluffy light Twirl was in much better taste. When I left the shop, a promo person gave me free bar anyway but I donated my freebie to someone else. It does show that to even some subconscious level the promotion of the product almost made me buy a Dairy Milk.

Later in the afternoon when I was back in the city, they were set up on the main street promoting their product once again. It’s quite smart that they invest in what I presume is a national tour of the country to keep the ad in our minds after the initial  shock  impact has faded.

Twirls are still better. 😉

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