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New Home

It’s been a long time.

I’m over at talking about everything.The whole different blogs for different things was kinda getting on my nerves, besides I’m one person and why only see one side?

Hope to see you over  there.


Broadband has been down for the past week and I’ve felt like I’ve lost a family member. So in the meantime, I took a photo for, below is the photo and what happened to my 50.


Final Exam

I have my final exam tomorrow which is Restoration and Augustan Literature at nine o’clock again. Some of Johnathan Swift’s poems will be examined including his prose A Modest Proposal in which he suggests the Irish Potato Famine would be solved if the Irish ate their children. I presume there will be a comparative question between Grey’s An Elegy in a Country Churchyard and Goldsmith’s The Deserted Village. Out of everything I’ve ever had to read for college the most enjoyable by far is John Gay’s play The Beggar’s Opera; amongst whores and thieves where many tread a fine line between perceived good and evil.

Last Saturday, yes Saturday, I had my Renaissance exam at nine o’clock which was held in the PESS or the building with a grass ceiling. After finishing an essay on Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night a beam of sunlight shone down upon me through the skylight. I had a mini saintly moment until the glare from the white paper dazzled me. In the midst of recovery took a slug from my water bottle and of course it went the wrong way and I managed to spew catch the water on the back of my hands, miraculously saving my paper from a perilous watery death. The saintly skylite beam quickly evaporated the water, leaving no trace of my almost Universe destroying mess. 😀

In eighteen hours I have my exam but at 11.30 tomorrow I’m free for the summer!!! 😀

The Wild Onion


‘Prove it’s your birthday and get a free cookie.’

For some reason I develop an atrocious cold on every Wednesday night and I end up feeling like a puddle of soulless skin on the Thursday. Today being a Thursday, my weekly cold was no different perhaps I ate a rouge Coco Pop the other day. 🙂 Apart from the brilliant news from this evening which I blogged about on Klaraflame but what I didn’t mention this morning is one of Limerick’s best kept secrets.

The Wild Onion is a restaurant where I would usually have breakfast with my mom as a treat. We’ve been customers of The Wild Onion for about five years and anybody who goes there may enter as a stranger but can leave as a friend. Ruth’s banter and Bob’s talent at cuisine is second to none. 

Normally in the cheery atmosphere and snug eatery I have scrambled eggs with toast and orange juice. Mom on the other hand eats hashbrown with sausage with the strongest coffee in Limerick. Today was a little different, my parched throat wouldn’t have been able to handle toast so I solemnly told Ruth I could have orange juice whilst my mom ate her usual breakfast with guilt. Ruth popped back up a few minutes later with a glass of juice with a yellow straw and an extra refill. 

My mom and Ruth briefly chatted while I was conscious of the time since I had to run for a bus to the University in five minutes. After an attack of a hacking cough, Ruth came to our table and gave me a new bottle of cough medicine. Ruth had bought it for herself but didn’t use it since she realised it wasn’t the brand she liked. I didn’t get the chance to thank her enough since I had to sprint for the bus while my mom stayed behind and settled the bill.

I was in such a tizzy when the bus came, I had to flag it down since a big truck was in the way. Unfortunately my headphones decided to soar out of my jacket pocket but the bus did stop for me. Since I was one of the only people on the bus; I slugged back some of the soothing cough medicine….not suspicious at all.

Next time I go to The Wild Onion, I’ll enjoy my usual breakfast.