June Activities

So far my holidays have started to pick up momentum compared to my intial sense of boredom. I’ve woefully negelected Klaraflame for nearly two months and I’ve neglected this blog too but not to the same degree. One of the reasons for this treatment is due to the fact that I’ve finally started up a website called Motivated Notes which is  free online resource for Leaving Cert notes, but let’s go back to other activities.

During the first week of June I started a week-long internship with Life and Fitness Magazine with Derry O’Donnell. Tommy and I were both interns for this week and on the Thursday we did a presentation about blogging for business with owners of the local businesses.  In the second week on June, Alexia had a spare ticket for the Tuesday night showing of The Last Days of a Reluctant Tyrant at the Abbey Theatre. I had never been to the Abbey even thought I wrote an essay about its history and did a presentation about it. The play was fantastic and I’m not ashamed to say that I had two big red eyes from crying but more to come about that soon.

Today being another Tuesday, I’m going to France for two days, Nantes to be precise. A former French teacher from my secondary school was looking for someone to bring her daughter over to France then come back to Ireland and two weeks later do the same again. I had my intership but I offered to do the second trip if that was any good and so I’m going to France today. 😀 I’m mainly excited since I’ve never been to France before even though it’s literally a pit-stop before coming home, I’m not complaining though, my flights are paid for and I’m staying with the family. Leaving Shannon this afternoon and I’ll be back on Thursday morning at 10.10. 🙂 I’m not bringing my laptop since it won’t be worth the hassle so I’ll be disconnected from the net. I haven’t travelled outside the country for a couple of years so I can only imagine the hassle of checking in online and only to have liquids in a plastic bag.

It’s 8.45, I think I better haul ass outta bed and get some breakfast and start packing my rucksack since I’m getting picked up at 1.00. 🙂

I Haz Choc!

Many thank to Lindt and Gastronom.ie for the luxurious chocolate and recipe book. There’s so much chocolate and so many recipes I don’t know which ones to pick first!



Broadband has been down for the past week and I’ve felt like I’ve lost a family member. So in the meantime, I took a photo for Gastronom.ie, below is the photo and what happened to my 50.


One Week Down…

My first week of my summer holidays is down and I’m already, I daresay, bored. I have a lot of things planned for this summer since the prospect of steady employment is highly unlikely but I think I prefer this random regime. I’m somewhat regretful to say that with all this free time, I’m afraid that my Japanese orientated consumption will be reduced since I plan to indulge in a classical literary summer. I’ve already started Moll Flanders by Daniel Defoe and I can honestly say I enjoy it as much as The Beggar’s Opera by John Gay.

Tomorrow, I have another business meeting with a certain blogger about internships and I may even be able to procure a whiteboard. 🙂  I have an internship, canvassing for a summer camp and a trip to France, which will all be completed in just over three weeks. I’m also helping out and lurking behind the scenes over on election.ie and I have some of my own ideas for websites over the summer.  The majority of July will be spent as a Leader in the Summer Camp but I even have extra responsibilities since I’m going to be the person in charge of the kids on the buses and to make sure that they are all present and accounted for, it’s quite a large task now that I think about it…

Anyway August will hopefully be the time when I can scrape together enough cash to attend a weekend TEFL course. In the college there is a service called Connect which helps new students adjust to college life and sometime over the holidays they have a training session for students who want to become mentors, so it would be the worst timing if it clashed with the summer camp but as far as I know it’ll be held in August. Finally, this takes us up to September and I plan to put name down as an Orientation Leader in the college for the incoming students during their first week.

So, give me recommendations of books to read over the summer. I have Homer’s The Odyssey and The Iliad but I wonder if I can get around to their allusions and heroic couplets.

funny pictures of cats with captions

Child Abuse Commission

Yesterday afternoon the site for the Child Abuse Commission Report kept timing out for me but I was able to access it during Vincent Browne’s Nightly News. Any words composed here or anywhere else cannot express the torture and devastation inflicted on babies and children at the hands of the authoritarians in industrial schools and orphanages, between the abuse of the Church and the neglect of the State.

The tendency to overlook the fact that these atrocious acts of abuse were still being committed as recent as the 1990’s is a sickening reminder of society’s neglect towards children. Only a few generations have passed since the closure of the harshest of these places and many people in their 40’s and 50’s are still affected. This report demonstrates that this bleak reality in Ireland is not some blemish of an accusation or allegation that can be washed away as has been done in the past.

I may be one of the disaffected youth that grew up during the Celtic Tiger years, caring for nothing except material goods with no respect to Catholicism and somehow ‘lacking’ in spiritual character. A few weeks ago RTÉ showed the movie “Song For A Raggy Boy”, which is only a startling snapshot of the abuse committed in Ireland. The Church in Ireland was an almighty power within rural communities at one stage and the priest of the parish had the same authority and respect as a member of the Gardaí. The abusers in these schools used this power and relied on their so-called faith to commit these acts, otherwise called ‘relapses’ in their moral character, spanning several decades with no punishment. Perhaps I may be lacking in spiritual ‘moral fibre’ but I rely on my own morals to make choices rather than the teachings of a book or a dictation made by a prophet.

Final Exam

I have my final exam tomorrow which is Restoration and Augustan Literature at nine o’clock again. Some of Johnathan Swift’s poems will be examined including his prose A Modest Proposal in which he suggests the Irish Potato Famine would be solved if the Irish ate their children. I presume there will be a comparative question between Grey’s An Elegy in a Country Churchyard and Goldsmith’s The Deserted Village. Out of everything I’ve ever had to read for college the most enjoyable by far is John Gay’s play The Beggar’s Opera; amongst whores and thieves where many tread a fine line between perceived good and evil.

Last Saturday, yes Saturday, I had my Renaissance exam at nine o’clock which was held in the PESS or the building with a grass ceiling. After finishing an essay on Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night a beam of sunlight shone down upon me through the skylight. I had a mini saintly moment until the glare from the white paper dazzled me. In the midst of recovery took a slug from my water bottle and of course it went the wrong way and I managed to spew catch the water on the back of my hands, miraculously saving my paper from a perilous watery death. The saintly skylite beam quickly evaporated the water, leaving no trace of my almost Universe destroying mess. 😀

In eighteen hours I have my exam but at 11.30 tomorrow I’m free for the summer!!! 😀

Essay Grades

Last Tuesday evening I received my essay grade on the text Oroonoko by Aphra Behn, which is worth 40% of the overall grade for the module of Restoration and Augustan Literature. The remaining 60% is an end of semester exam. The email contained all the student numbers with the corresponding grade and glancing through the list I found my grade which was a C3. A C3 is the equivalent of a scraping pass between 40% to 45% in UL, which means that out of the possible 40% of the overall module, I had only scored 16%. Needless to say, I was stunned and disheartened since I had put a lot of effort into reading the entire text and critically examining it. After allowing the initial shock to cool for a couple of days, I was spurned into action when a person in my course who lives in an inebriated state even when they do decide to attend college, scored an A1. Even worse is that a seventy two hours before the essay was due, this person asked me if we had to read the text to do the essay. Annoyed and advised by my mom, I contacted the lecturer asking to meet and discuss my grade. This is the reason why this post is being published today since I’ve gotten closure on the entire debacle, nearly a week since the results were posted.

This afternoon, I met up with one of the girl’s for lunch in college after being ensconced in the library for hours, examining the nuances within Shakespeare’s King Lear. After a chicken roll and a chocolate bar, I could feel my anxiety building and I had a feeling that I would get so annoyed I’d get upset and make a show of myself. I was meeting the lecturer at three, so I had to office hunt briefly but eventually found the room and I was still ten minutes early. I must admit, I was also sucking back on my one litre of water in anxiety and I was kinda hoping I wouldn’t spew on the lecturer due to ungraciously slugging water.

Three o’clock flashed on my phone and raptly knocking on the office door, I was invited to enter and sit down. After stating my name and business, he leafed through a bundle of papers until he fished out my essay. This lecturer in particular is noted for his dry wit and sarcasm, so when he said that the grade for my essay was actually a B1, I asked if he was kidding or if he was serious. It turned out that it was a clerical error, it seemed the copy and paste function got a  bit befuddled. Handing over my essay to peruse it to my leisure, I looked at the comments on the front page which said there was a good knowledge of the text, of the MLA referencing, well defended argument and layout and construction of the paragraphs was pleasing to the eye. After seeing the grade of B1, I happily handed back the essay without looking through it. After thanking the lecturer and shaking his hand, I was monumentally relieved.

Questioning everything is an personality trait which everyone should have and I’m in such good humour that all study for the exams is cancelled for this evening in favour of a tag-team genocide of a zombie infested world.