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Hello World…Again

It’s been an awful long time hasn’t it?

I moved to Dublin in January to work for Bord Bia for six months as part of my college degree. A lot has happened to me so far but looking back on it now I guess its been a cool couple of months. But the cool things get entire paragraphs by themselves. 🙂

First of all when it was all icy in January, my goddamn room had no heating. Three layers of pyjamas was fun for a while but it turned for the better when Lexy trudged into town to give me an electric blanket. I flooded the kitchen twice trying to get the washer working and slipped for my sins, luckily enough housemates weren’t home at the time. Shower flooded apartment below twice. I went slightly nuts as I had no book to read and realised how much I love reading. After three weeks of main meals everyday in work, my jeans were *slightly* uncomfortable, which lead to a week of crackers, soup, apples and grapes.

Which in turn leads us up the weekend when I attended Crisis Communications hosted by the charming Damien Mulley from Mulley Communications, held at he Radisson Blu on Golden Lane. (Apologies for the late posting, as you’ll see, I’ve been an awfully busy chicken.) I misjudged the amount of time it would take for me to reach the city centre and ended up with a breakfast of chocolate bars but I managed to power-walk into town in twenty minutes. I digress, let’s get into the bones of the Crisis Comms day. Damien showed us examples of how companies reacted in crisis giving case studies of how problems should and should not be handled, especially when it means being kicked in the nuts by other online personalities.

One of the case studies was of Boards.ie given by Darragh Doyle and he explained and discussed the steps they took the previous Thursday when the initial hack of all their users login details occurred. The issue of blogger contact templates being more widely used by PR companies was broached. It seems when it comes to the traditional means of a PR sending out your crap with a ‘Dear <insert name here>’ out to a blogger is still happening. This is where I give you such permission to kick someone in the nuts. 🙂 Later on we discussed the tools and monitoring strategies we use to keep an eye on the web, ’cause you know it’s such a naughty little thing. One idea that firmly stuck with me is the thought of a Social Media Philosophy not a Social Media Policy, since a policy is governed by rules and what not but a philosophy is in murkier ground. 🙂 Also, I wish I took better notes, my writing is horrible and I need a decoder to read it. At the lunch break I ran to a wool shop and bought some roving and a spindle to see if I like spinning but I don’t. 🙂

Then I had chickenpox. If you know me really when, then you know I’ve a thing against live clucky chickens. Stayed in Dublin that week and had photosensitivity and fever symptoms. Also, bought my first game on Steam but I know I’ll never be a master with the directional buttons. That weekend, ATM card died, had no money for a week. Met up with an outdoorsy friend from college and walked on to Clontarf to Bull Island. If I thought the chickenpox hadn’t killed me, the five hour walk/hike almost did, especially when I’m not a very fit person. And then came another big event…

Marketplace 2010 was an event held by Bord Bia in Croke park this month. Nearly 400 buyers, around 150 Irish companies and Bord Bia staff which made the numbers close to the thousand mark and over 3,800 meetings took place. It was my first time at Croke Park and I was simply stunned by the size of it, especially the event ran the entire length of the pitch. I had to be at the stadium at 7.30 a.m. and was trying to flag a taxi but the kept passing me. I even crossed the road a couple of times to hail a cab but they kept going. Then a homeless bearded guy on a bike passed me and yelled, ‘Oh yeah baby, yeah! Keep shaking that ass baby, yeah!’ Let’s move swiftly on. My job was a meeting minder so I was the person of contact for eight companies to make sure everything ran smoothly. I was so proud of my little gold badge but it quickly faded as the day wore on my legs became bowlegged with the walking. The day was a great success but on Wednesday in work everyone was a bit subdued and I can vouch for the fact I was walking like a crab.

Last weekend went to see Wolfman instead of Ponyo. Very, very bad. Do not see. And it looks like I’ll miss Ponyo again today since it start in less that a half hour and I’m still in pyjamas. This week, I paid my part of the TV licence, joined the library, bought my very first track off iTunes recommended by Charles,  met up with outdoorsy friend for a hot chocolate and joined Xtravision. I rented Bones season 1 and on the last disc. So I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my time here so far, as I’ve probably already left to go to Xtravision and buy some groceries. 😀

One Week Down…

My first week of my summer holidays is down and I’m already, I daresay, bored. I have a lot of things planned for this summer since the prospect of steady employment is highly unlikely but I think I prefer this random regime. I’m somewhat regretful to say that with all this free time, I’m afraid that my Japanese orientated consumption will be reduced since I plan to indulge in a classical literary summer. I’ve already started Moll Flanders by Daniel Defoe and I can honestly say I enjoy it as much as The Beggar’s Opera by John Gay.

Tomorrow, I have another business meeting with a certain blogger about internships and I may even be able to procure a whiteboard. 🙂  I have an internship, canvassing for a summer camp and a trip to France, which will all be completed in just over three weeks. I’m also helping out and lurking behind the scenes over on election.ie and I have some of my own ideas for websites over the summer.  The majority of July will be spent as a Leader in the Summer Camp but I even have extra responsibilities since I’m going to be the person in charge of the kids on the buses and to make sure that they are all present and accounted for, it’s quite a large task now that I think about it…

Anyway August will hopefully be the time when I can scrape together enough cash to attend a weekend TEFL course. In the college there is a service called Connect which helps new students adjust to college life and sometime over the holidays they have a training session for students who want to become mentors, so it would be the worst timing if it clashed with the summer camp but as far as I know it’ll be held in August. Finally, this takes us up to September and I plan to put name down as an Orientation Leader in the college for the incoming students during their first week.

So, give me recommendations of books to read over the summer. I have Homer’s The Odyssey and The Iliad but I wonder if I can get around to their allusions and heroic couplets.

funny pictures of cats with captions

Teaching Positions

The combination of the teachers conference and a call to Joe Duffy’s Liveline on Tuesday has compelled me to write this post. It’s reported that only eight hundred teaching positions will become available this year with a couple of thousand teaching graduates fiercely competing for the sparse employment.

The call to Liveline was a male final year student in Mary Immaculate College, worried about finding a job in this country when he graduates. He’s hoping to get a few days subbing for teachers here and there but ultimately he’ll have to secure employment in a foreign country. I can understand the position he’s coming from but thing that annoyed me about his cribbing was that he failed to mention the circular email which was sent to all final year students around December or January.

What was in this email, I hear you ask?

Male students who are barely passing exams with a grade of C3 will get priority in employment over female students who bust their balls, excuse the pun, who study and recieves A1 grades. Male role models are required in schools but what’s the point in employing teachers that cannot teach. It’s a disgrace and needless to say, my sympathy turns into cynicism when gender overrules achievements.

Irish Blog Awards 2009

I would have this post out sooner except the prospect of sleep was too tempting and the internet in college was on the fritz yesterday.

The annual Irish Blog Awards was held at the Cork International Airport Hotel, which is organised by Damien every year.

Caught the train down to Cork on the Friday evening, I even brought down college books to study on the train but those intentions went completely out the window. I met up with Lex, munched on some pizza and stayed in the Clarion in Cork City. I loved the layout of the building since there was an atrium in the centre of the hotel, although the wireless was finicky depending on where I sat in the lounge. 

Lex and I hung around Cork Saturday morning and ate breakfast at the Liberty Grill, the coffee was absolutely divine. Needless to say, the pair of us returned to the hotel and we had to pack for our next adventure out the Cork International Airport Hotel. 

After checking in it was discovered that our room faced the landing strip and I was aptly described to be like a terrier running to the window whenever the whirring of an engine could be heard. 

I. Loved. This. Hotel.  

Playing in shelves
The above pic was a shelving unit in the shape of a paw print on our floor. 🙂

During the task of bag packing between Lex and I, it was mutally agreed that I was a twincy bit faster thanks to the years of conditioning my hand-to-eye co-ordination via gaming.

I got to meet loads of people I normally only know from Twitter and I people I recognised but didn’t know personally. Inflatable twister was a surprise and my hips are still creaking a bit but it’s all good. 🙂


Myself, Alan, Alexia, Tommy and Lily. Picture was taken by John.

I woke up at eight in the morning since I dreamt I was about to eaten by caterpillars but I felt okay after just four hours sleep. Everything after breakfast passed in a haze of dizzying tiredness. 🙂

The Glitzy Irish Blog Awards

Above is something I whipped into shape for the upcoming Irish Blog Awards which is taking place next Saturday in Cork at the Cork International Airport Hotel. I wanted to give it the star quality treatment. :)The blog for the IBA’s is here but unfortunately the event has been fully booked since after Christmas. I managed to secure my place in the audience in November. Anyway, I hope to see you there!